Yavuz Selim Isler is a Dutch-Turkish cinematographer living in the Netherlands.


He is born on March 2, 1998 in the capital Ankara, Turkey as the son of Sezgin and Suzan Isler. When he was two, Yavuz Selim and his mother migrated to the Netherlands. Six years later his father followed and the family finally reunited.



His first encounter with film was at the age of eight when he was making stop motion videos with his Lego toys. Later, when fourteen, he wanted to work more professionally, so he knocked on the door of his local television station to ask if he could work there as a cameraman and editor.

In the years that follow Yavuz Selim gained up experience in working fast and efficient. After doing lots of television work, he made the step to film after he went to the Graphic Lyceum in Rotterdam, a vocational school oriented to media, entertainment and technology. Peterjan van der Burgh is the one who taught him the art of cinematography. While studying, Yavuz Selim did an internship at Dutch cinematographer Robert Max Berger NSC. He graduated with his film Boxer in 2017 and from that moment his life turned into a rollercoaster.


In the summer of 2017 he shot his first feature film Silent Storm which won several awards including the one for Best Film at the Euregion Film Festival. 2017 was also the year he attended the Netherlands Film Academy for cinematography. During his study he shot the coming of age film Mehmet & Tim and the documentary Als Er Gedanst Is, on Kodak 16mm analog film. In his third year he shot the psychological thriller Para (2020) and graduated with the political drama Viral.


Apart from being the cinematographer, Yavuz also operated for the Dutch tv movie De Sterfshow (DP Joris Bulstra) and the Netflix tv-series Dirty Lines.