Yavuz Selim Isler is a Dutch-Turkish cinematographer living in the Netherlands.

I am born on March 2, 1998 in the capital Ankara, Turkey. When I was two, I migrated to the Netherlands. My first encounter with film was at the age of eight when making stop motion videos with my Lego toys. Later, when fourteen, I wanted to work more professionally, so I knocked on the door of my local television station to ask if I could work there as a cameraman and editor.

In the years that follow I gained up experience in working fast and efficient. After doing lots of television work, I made the step to film after I went to the Graphic Lyceum in Rotterdam, a vocational school oriented to media, entertainment and technology. Peter-Jan van der Burgh is the one who taught me the art of cinematography. While studying, I did an internship at Dutch cinematographer Robert M. Berger.

I graduated with his film Boxer (2016) in 2017 and from that moment my life turned into a roller coaster.

In the summer of 2017 I shot my first feature film Silent Storm which won several awards including the one for Best Film at the Euregion Film Festival. 2017 was also the year I attended the Netherlands Film Academy for cinematography. During my study I shot the coming of age film Mehmet & Tim and the documentary Als Er Gedanst Is, both on Kodak 16mm analog film. In my third year I shot the psychological thriller Para (2020) and the tv-commercial Craftsmen on 35mm film. I graduated with the political drama Viral which was shown at the Los Angeles Pan – African Film Festival.

Over the years I also operated the Dutch Videoland film De Sterfshow (DP Joris Bulstra), the Netflix show Dirty Lines (DP Mick van Rossum)
and the US feature film Unfavorable Odds (DP Marcus Hawthorne).